Wednesday 21 Mar 2018
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STS Festival
2014 Maestros & Orquesta
"You must first connect with your partner. Then together as one, connect to the music."
Javier Rodriguez

"Los Totis" Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez

Christian and Virginia have been dancing together for 18 years, united by the same passion for tango, and they have developed a mature defined style tango which sets them apart. Their dance is characterised by the precision and quality of their movements and the elegance of their dance, which preserves the purest and essential tango.

They have participated in major national and international shows, such as:  Cabal tangos, Piazzolla Tango, Copes Tango, O'Tango, and Corporacion. They are sought after teachers in Buenos Aires (including the most important International Congress of Argentine Tango, CITA) and abroad, passing on their knowledge and passion to new generations of dancers.

They are part of the fifth Sydney Tango Salon Festival in 2014, for their first visit to Australia.

Christian and Virginia


Gabriel Missé and Analia Centurion

Gabriel Missé is one of the great "milongueros" of this generation known for his classic style. He began studying Argentine Tango at age 6 with masters such as Antonio Todaro and Pepito Avellaneda. He has performed with leading artists and musicians like Julian Plaza, Colangelo, Oscar Basil, Alberto Castillo, Roberto Goyeneche, Mariano Mores, Armando Manzanero. He has appeared in tango documentaries for National Geographic and for Japanese television NH. For many years, Gabriel was part of the Miguel Angel Zotto’s company, “Tango x 2,” in its world-wide tours with “Una Noche de Tango” and he has also choreographed several touring Tango Shows. He is an accredited judge for the Buenos Aires Metropolitan and World Tango Championships, and has taught and danced at numerous festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, Mexico, Brazil.

Analia Centurion began her dance studies at age 6 in classical dance and began dancing tango at 16. She has extensive experience dancing and teaching tango in various festivals and workshops in Argentina, North America, Europe and Asia, Mexico and Brazil. She has performed with different companies like Mora Godoy and Juan Carlos Copes and also danced in the show Guan Chestnut, the House Dinner Show, Piazzolla Tango, La Ventana, Madero Tango, Boca Tango and Tango Complex. Analia was a director and choreographer of the young company inside Fusion Tango Buenos Aires with the participation of children and youth from 2001 to 2005 and a judge for elemental rounds of the Tango World Headquarters championship.

Since restarting their professional dance partnership in 2011, Gabriel and Analia have shared their passion for teaching tango by conducting workshops and exhibitions in Brazil, Canada, United States, Russia, Colombia, Canada and Korea. They have participated as judges and teachers in the world of tango in Buenos Aires and given performances in various Buenos Aires milonga establishments and in New York, with rave reviews in the renowned New York Times, being described as "the Intoxicating Gabriel Missé and Analia Centurion."

Gabriel & Analia


Vladimir Khorev and Stella Missé

Stella Missé is a professional dancer in high demand worldwide. She is part of the famous Missé tango family, with sister Andrea, and brothers Sebastian & Gabriel.

Stella began studying folk dance in Argentina at the age of 5 years, and tango with her siblings at the age of 7 with Maria and Carlos Rivarola; and with Miguel Angel Zotto and Osvaldo Zotto . The Missé Tango children frequented milongas with great masters and made early shows with great figures and for French TV5.

From 17 years of age, Stella began to work in houses of Buenos Aires tango shows such as: La Cumparsita, Tango 1921, Museo Casa Carlos Gardel Tango and Lord, sharing the stage with great tango artists, musicians and singers, in venues such as Sunderland and ¨ ¨ tile.
In 2007, she was part of the company of Miguel Angel Zotto Tango X2 in Italy,
In 2009/2010 she toured to several major festival worldwide with Javier Rodriguez, conducting workshops and demonstrations.
In 2011 she returned to Buenos Aires to join the cast of the show Senor Tango until 2013 in Buenos Aires & Uruguay. In Buenos Aires, Stella gives private and group classes, with demonstrations in different milongas such as Porteño Bailarin.

After successful tours in Russia in 2014, Stella is appearing for the first time in Australia with her Russian partner Vladimir Khorev.

Stella & Vladimir

Vladimir Khorev was born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia. He started dancing with the Children's Dance Ensemble Russian Folklore from 4 years of age in 1985 and from 7 years old was a finalist in several Russian and international competitions, in ballroom dancing)
2002: Dance Company "Dance of Fate " International Championship " Spartak Cup "
2003-2009: worked in Dance school " Galladance », Moscow, Russia:
2003-2005 teacher of ballroom dancing.
From 2005, Vladimir devoted himself to dancing Argentine tango. He was a student of Arizaga Diego from 2006 and studied with Javier Rodriguez.
In 2008, he was placed in the USA Tango Championship in Encenario Tango, New York
In 2010 he was a finalist in the European Championship of Tango Salon, Torino, Italy.
In 2010 - World Championship finalist in Salon Tango , Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010 - 2012 he worked as an assistant with the Master Raul Bravo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vladimir has also been part of Tango Festivals within Russia, including with Stella Missé in 2014. He is now dancing for the first time in Australia with acclaimed dancer Stella Misse, in the Sydney Tango Salon Festival 2014.

Solo Tango Orquesta

Solo Tango Orquesta is a Russian Tango Orchestra which has gained international recognition ascending to the top of the world Tango Olympus since their debut as a tango orquesta in 2010.
Individual members are magnificent Moscow musicians who have for years devoted their lives to tango music and their sense of style and powerful energy, performing the best of dance music orchestras of "Golden Age tango", have gained them an immense following. They have been the official orchestra of many major international tango festivals, and played for celebrated tango dancers throughout the world.

It is a special event that Solo Tango Orquesta will be part of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival for 2014, for their first visit to Australia!!

Orquesta Members:

Ivan Talanin (Bandoneon)  Ivan was born in Novosibirsk in 1987 and played the accordion since age 7, winning many prestigious international competitions and performing with international orchestras. Since he started to play the Bandoneon in 2007, Ivan has concentrated on tango compositions and joined Soledad orquesta tipica in 2009. Now, many well-known Argentine maestros call him "Pichuko", the "Russian Troilo".

Alexander Ryazanov (Violin) Alexander was born in 1984 in Norilsk and has played the violin since the age of 4, becoming the laureate of various international and national competitions. He is currently in the class of great musicians under Professor Valery P. Samoletova as a graduate of the Classical Music Academy Moscow and has played in Soledad orquesta since 2001.

Artem Thymine (Piano) Artem was born in 1989 in Kirov. He is multiple winner of the highest awards in Russia and competitions abroad and having graduated with Honours from the best Russian colleges, he is currently a special performer, mentored by Professor MM Volkova. He played with Soledad orquesta from 2008.

Ilya Alpeev (Bass) Ilya was born in the city of Kurgan and began learning piano from an early age. He later began to play the Contrabass and studied with Professor MN Kekshoeva and held master classes with Professor Klaus Trumfa (Germany), Thomas Martin (England) and Horacio Kobarkosa (Argentina). He worked with "Muscovy" chamber orchestra and the Russian Philharmonic and has been with Solo Tango Orquesta since 2011.





Solo Tango Orquestra