Wednesday 21 Mar 2018
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STS Festival
2014 Festival - Final Thoughts

Farewell & Thank You 

What a magnificent long weekend at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival 2014 - filled with great workshops, amazing tango performances, and fabulous music. Thank you to all our friends from Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and USA who joined us in this joyous event.

How to thank our incredible Argentine Maestros who came for the 2014 Festival and made it such a truly memorable experience? Their energy, their divine dancing, their amazing generosity in sharing their technique, knowledge and passion for traditional Argentine Tango with us in workshops and lessons throughout the Festival, was incredible.   

Gabriel Misse y Analia Centurion, 'Los Totis' Christian Marquez y Virginia Gomez, Vladimir Khorev y Stella Misse -  thank you for the great gift of your teaching and presence to inspire us in our ongoing personal tango journey. And how about the Milonga Party ending the Festival with Impromptu DJ Gabriel Misse !!

A big thank you to our International dancers Federico Kim y Selene Son and Sergiy Podbolotnyy y Ping Yu for their lovely performances at the Sunday Celebration Milonga and their vibrant presences throughout the Festival.   

And of course the utterly fantastic Solo Tango Orquesta with their live presentations at the Oz, Gala & Farewell Milongas who literally entranced everyone - wonderful for dancers and spectators alike !!

Professional videos taken by Alex Novotni of Crown Thirteen Media Groupwill allow us to review and remember these breathtaking performances from each Milonga night. View these great Festival Performance videos from the Thursday Welcome Milonga below and relive many magic memories. Other Milonga nights coming shortly.
See the Festivals photos by Gina Otalvaro posted here 

Thursday Welcome Milonga Performances - Vladimir & Stella - Christian & Virginia - Gabriel & Analia

The Sydney Tango Salon Festival would not be possible without the assistance of some very special tango friends, teachers and supporters.   Special thank you to:

  • - Andrea and Khaled of Morena Dancewear for their support and promotion of the STS Festival and displays of their great selection of Argentine tango shoes and door prize for the Gala Milonga

  • - Our fabulous Festival DJs who gave us the music to reach our hearts and keep us on the dance floor:
    • - Nadim Sawaya of Rina & Nadim Melbourne (Welcome Milonga)
    • - Ellie Soh of Seoul, Korea (Friday Oz Milonga)
    • - Federico Kim of Busan, Korea (Saturday Gala Milonga)
    • - Anthony Miller of Tango Spirit (Celebration Milonga)
    • - Benjamin Lee of Seoul, Korea (Farewell Milonga)
    • - Zaman Kamry of Melbourne (Monday Morning Milonga)
    • - IMPROMPTU DJ Gabriel Misse (Milonga Party ending to the Festival)
  • - Pedro of Patio de Tango for his assistance throughout the Festival and his graciousness in cancelling his Saturday Milonga and donating his venue for the STS Welcome Milonga
  • - Anthony of Tango Spirit for his invaluable contribution to all things musical
  • - Jairo of Tangueros for his exhilarating presence as MC
  • - Peter Williamson of New Zealand, as our resident Sound & Light Co-ordinator
  • - Carol Fallows for her support and assistance with media for the Festival
  • - Our amazing Festival volunteer assistants headed by Amy Teuchert of Tangueros, for their support during milonga setup, cleanup, food presentation, and being there for the countless small and large tasks

  • - Australian tango school principals for their great presentations at our Oz Milonga:
    • - Alberto & Natalia Cortez (Solo Tango Australia, Melbourne)
    • - Anthony Miller & Jacqueline Simpson (Tango Spirit, Sydney)
    • - Fabian & Karina Conca (Tango Conca, Sydney)
    • - Federico Mattiuzzi y Viola Haub (Dance Tango, Sydney)
    • - Jairo Sanchez Rivera & Amy Teuchert (Tangueros, Sydney)
    • - Nadim & Rina Sawaya (Rina & Nadim, Melbourne)
    • - Pedro Alvarez & Hosanna Heinrich (Patio de Tango, Sydney)
    • - Teddy Setyadiputr & Mimi Francezca (A Little Buenos Aires, Sydney)
  • - Gina Otalvaro of Gina Otalvaro Design for the beautiful photos she displayed throughout the Festival
  • - Jennifer of J Heart, for display of her lovely original creations
  • - All the Australian and overseas tango school principals who promoted and supported us in celebrating the heart of Argentine Tango Salon – those special principals who assisted in workshops, free beginners lessons and made our Festival of Tango Salon a truly community event.

And to the fabulous tangueros and tangueras who came to the 2014 STS Festival from around Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and USA and made it such an incredible event –  we loved you being in Sydney with us - we shall long remember you and hope to see and dance with you all again soon . . . . . .

Sydney Tango Salon Festival

Fuerte Abrazos
Sima Oertli
STS Festival Organiser