Wednesday 21 Mar 2018
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STS Festival
Festival DJs
"Tango can be danced in a thousand different ways, but . . . Without the music there is no dance, no tango, no teacher, no student. A true teacher can only transmit the teaching the music has left him."
"Tete" Pedro Rusconi

Federico Kim

- Regular DJ in local milongas in Pohang, Busan, and Seoul
- Festival DJ: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Seoul Tango Festival, 2011 Taipei Tango Festival, 2009 Daejeon Tango Festival
- Founding member of Busan "Sur" DJ Study Group
- Founded Busan El Bulin Tango Studio in 2014
- First time in Australia, as Gala DJ for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival 2014



Benjamin Lee

- Regular DJ at the main milongas in Seoul: Tango O Nada, El Tango, Ataniche and El Bulín.
- 2011 Korea Otońo Tango Festival Welcome Milonga
- 2013 Andres Laza Moreno & Luciana Arregui Seoul Milonga
- 2013 Carlitos Espinoza and Noelia Hurtado Seoul Farewell Milonga
- 2014 Seoul Tango Festival Warm-Up Milonga
- 2014 Korea Tango Championship & Festival The Eve Milonga


Anthony Miller


With a great knowledge and passion for tango, and collection of over 7000 tracks, with many rare and unavailable tracks, Anthony offers an unforgettable evening for those who really appreciate tango.

Anthony is a principal of Sydney tango school ‘Tango Spirit’ and the resident DJ at Tango Spirit's weekly and monthly traditional tango Milongas in the heart of the Sydney CBD. He is a sought after DJ at other Sydney and Melbourne milongas and has been invited to DJ to many places and festivals around the world: Santiago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, as well as this year to Europe and Turkey.

He also runs DJ Classes in Sydney and around the world (

“I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I am passionate about tango music - in fact I am almost obsessive about the music, and constantly on a never-ending mission for new music for dancers to enjoy. At milongas, which is the night of dancers, lovers of the beloved tango, I play Tango that makes you come back to the dance floor for more.”

Anthony has been an invited and honoured DJ at each year of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival since 2010.


Nadim Sawaya

Nadim first experienced tango music listening as a child to his father’s tango vinyls, which he now still asks to borrow!

His favourite tangos feature a lot of strings with contrasting passages of rhythm coming from the bandoneons, double bass and piano. This enables dancers to alternate between dancing to the melody and the rhythm. When putting together tandas, he likes to incorporate a familiar favourite along with some less known pieces.

As a DJ, while being constantly attuned to reading the floor, he keeps a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in terms of the energy within a tanda and also of the milonga as a whole. 

Nadim is the founding member of the Czech Club Milonga in Melbourne and also teaches and performs tango with his wife, Rina Sawaya. He has been an invited DJ at many Melbourne and other milongas throughout Australia and was also an honoured DJ at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival in 2010.


Ellie Soh

Ellie is a popular DJ from Seoul. She is a resident DJ at Tango Onada and El Tango Café and a guest DJ at Ataniche, El Bulin and Tangueria in Seoul. She has also been an invited DJ at international festivals and events in Taipei, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Suncheon.

She studied and learned tango music from famous tango DJs and tango music teachers and also learned sound engineering skills from professional audio engineers to produce better sound at milonga venues.

She plays well balanced classic tandas, constantly reading the dance floor and keeping the energy flow, and the dancers on the floor all night. Ellie is also a dedicated dancer, mostly influenced by Andrea Reyero and Sebastian Misse.



Vladimir y Stella

Vladimir y Stella

Solo Tango Orquesta

Solo Tango Orquesta

Gabriel y Analia

Gabriel and Analia

Christian y Virginia

Christian y Virginia